just another manic monday...

What is one thing that you wanted to do this summer but didn't?
oh, I didn't travel anywhere... like coastal trips or anything.

If you lived a hundred years ago, what job would you've had?
uh, I probably would be a postmistress.

What are some of the most persistent and challenging obstacles in your everyday life?
oh, you know... well, sometimes it would be nice to have someone around to do stuff... and I guess the real answer is that my health issues are annoying, I can't lift more than 8 pounds at a time because of chostochondritis... and if I keep re-injuring myself could become a more chronic condition or a form of arthritis. And that would be really wrong. My teacher edition of the text book is more than 8 pounds... go figure.


meowminx said...

I love your answers. It is always challenging when one has a pressing health issue(s).

Happy Labor Day and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Unknown said...

Oh yes, these healthissues are very challenging.
I hope you're able to keep a close watch on things so it won't get worse.

Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

Wow, when you think about it, so many things weigh more than 8 pounds. Even a gallon of milk. That would be so tough!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Jennifer said...

So do you use the student edition textbook and just keep the teacher one on your desk as reference without ever picking it up?? How do you do it??