end of summer 2007

1. Have you taken lots of good pictures? I got a few good ones, yes.

2. Who did you spend the most time with? mmm, I'm not sure, myself, if I can say that.

3. Where did you spend the most time at? in the comfy reading chair.

4. What was the highlight of your summer? hangin' with my sisters and their families.

5. Buy anything new this summer? nothing of consequence.

6. Make a new best friend? not a bestie but a couple new friends.

7. Lose any best friends? no

8. Tried any new drugs or alcohol? I don't do drugs or drink.

9. Start or end any serious relationships? no.

10. Go swimming? no

11. Go hiking? no

12. Go canoeing? no

14. Hurt anyone? not intentionally.

15 Have a three way with a really large breasted red headed chick? uh... no, ewww.

16. Go kite flying?

17. Eat cotton candy? no

18. Have any near-death experiences?
not this summer :-D

19. Make any big trips? nope.

20. Get a tan?
well... freckles.

22. Get in a fist fight? I'm a lover not a fighter.

23. This summer, did you discover anything new about yourself?
oh, yes...

24. This summer, did you move house?

25. This summer, did you drink?
nope, I don't drink.

26. This summer did you make any life changing decisions? mmmm... not so much.

27. This summer, did you sleep in a lot?
heck yeah!

28. This summer, did you have a Summer Anthem song?
New Shoes by Paolo Nutini and Rehab by Amy Winehouse and Fidelity by Regina Spektor

29. This summer, any big regrets for you?
nope, no regrets.

30. What is the one piece of advice you've learned this summer that you'd like to pass on? go funky with your hair cut and color--change can be fun!!!!!

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