what's your goddess groove?

Kwizgiver, your goddess groove is the Chart Toppin' Pop!

Hey, Chart Toppin' Knock-Out, your goddess groove is like the Top-40 charts: you're always a favorite with the crowds whether you try to be or not. People are drawn to you because you're not afraid to state your opinion, ask questions about the world around you, and even make a fool out of yourself — if it'll cheer up a good friend or family member.

You're a trusted addition to any gathering, and people want to hear what you have to say. Your advice is like that catchy tune that stays in their heads for days. You're the true original — often imitated, but never duplicated. If others pick up on your popular style, just try to remember to take it as flattery. After all, you were their source of inspiration.

Your creativity seems to know no bounds — it has a head-bobbing groove that lends a noticeable flair to the artist inside. Whether it's music, painting or photography, you're always looking for another outlet. It doesn't matter where you go — leave it to your family and close friends to provide the familiar hook that always keeps you grounded. You have what it takes to reach your goals in life, so get ready to ride your goddess groove to the top of the charts.

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Your goddess groove is the Chart Toppin' Pop!

What's Your Goddess Groove?

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Julie said...

disco queen! They have to be kidding, that's just so wrong.