So, tomorrow I have a substitute for the day. It is time for a physical and a follow-up about for my pulmonary emboli and costochondritis. Both are significantly improved. I still feel anxious, though. I thought my appointment was first thing in the morning, which is when I always schedule appointments but when I checked my datebook today I realized the appointment is for midafternoon. Oops. Ah well... I got the day. I don't think I overplanned as I usually do.

What I realized is that there is some funky, weird, not very entertaining tv shows on. That's the drawback of being able to watch tv while on the computer. I think I am watching more tv. But, I'm reading more books so go figure. And I don't multi-task very well; it's probably a good thing it's such lite fare on the tv.

rambling rambling... what if this is as good as it gets?


meowminx said...

Good luck with your appt at the dr's.

I hardly get to watch tv anymore - my girls and their DVDs had taken over LOL! I don't let them watch too much TV though - not good for them.

I don't really like the new shows now - at least I still get to watch Father Ted LOL

Have a good week!

meowminx said...

Oh, btw, I took that Personal DNA thingy :-) Thanks for the link! I've posted it on my About page :-)