roll up yer sleeves, girlie...

I've been doing a lot of processing this week. Therapy on Monday was enlightening. I think I'm ready to begin an aggressive treatment of OCD. And it makes me nervous, for the unexpected. I can't imagine what it will be like to not have the obsessive thinking, that single-track focus on things. What will take its place?

On the bright side, however, I feel like the changes at school won't rock my foundation into crumbling debris. The new principal is someone I have respect for and he is willing to listen to those of us with more classroom experience than he. I'm nervous about not having an assistant in position when school starts. I'm nervous for having a freshmen homeroom.

I really don't like freshmen. There's something about the stage and age that just grates on my nerves. Plus, there's the freshmen funk. A real body odor that is natural and organic. No amount of showering or AXE is enough to cover up the freshman funk. Although I do kind of wish someone could explain that soggy shoes need to completely dry before the stink of foot rot dissipates.

It would be cool if What Not To Wear could come to school. Boys need to know how pants are supposed to fit and girls need to know that muffin tops just aren't cool. That baggy clothes don't make you look smaller. Eh...

What was I talking about, again? Ah yes... OCD. Taking a more aggressive approach to dealing with it and treating it. I just want the anxiety to go away. So, if treating OCD helps with anxiety than yippee! Bring it.

Real progress has been made in the past few months. And I am proud of myself for buckling down and doing the hard work.

For now, this is not as good as it gets...


The Gal Herself said...

You've got a lot going on and I hope it all goes well for you. I've been in therapy for a long time and it has really helped. But it's been the tougher sessions that brought the best resutls. And EW! Never heard of "freshman funk" before. ICK!

Anonymous said...

So many comments; so little time
First, how wonderful of you - truly - to confront a problem and work on resolving it. Most of us don't, whatever the magnitude and impact of the problem. Way to go! (BTW, 35 years on I'm still grateful to someone who helped me see a way to make my, umm, issues work for me (most of the time))
Second: I loved the AXE link. I'm still laughing!
Third: Thanks for the comment on my blog (thanks for thanking me, I guess). I like your responses, too, on the subliminal/free association blog.
Looking forward to reading more of your entries (and hoorah for teachers - I'm in awe of, and grateful to, you!)

1UP RPG said...

I really admire your willingness to treat your OCD. I wish you all the best with that.

I must say, I feel a bit guilty because our high school is 10-12. So most of the "freshman funk" has cleared by then. However, in those who don't cure it, it does progress to the more deadly "Sophomore Stench."

How long until school starts back for you?


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MommaBoo said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you.

Now my address is.....:D

Cat. said...

I just think it's awesome that you can actually function in any way around teenagers with all the stuff going on in your head! Cheers to you for getting in there and making difficult changes in yourself, what Gracie and The Gal alluded to.

As for Freshman Funk, I never knew there was a name. Two things:
1) I think it starts in 8th grade, and 2) say a prayer of thanks that you don't have to live with it, travel in small vehicles with it, and/or share a bathroom with it! :-)

What Not To Wear: the people in charge are too old. The kids wouldn't listen to them. I'm just glad we seem to be done with whale tails around here....