loaded questions

# 24

Hypotheticals: If you were a nationality other than your own, which would you choose, why? Irish... it felt like home, living in Ireland.

Anything Goes: What is the most beautiful word you can think of? I'm stumped... I like happy sounding words: like sassafras

No-Brainers: What two people would you most like to stand next to in a picture? George Clooney and a justice of the peace. holla! Seriously, it would be very cool to be in a photo with Bono and Santa.

Personals: What beverage do you find nauseating? egg nog... ewwwwwww


MommaBoo said...


LOVE your No-Brainer.

I'll be your witness.

I agree egg nog is gross!

Anonymous said...

I love words like "garlicky" where that extra "k" totally changes the way you look at the word.
And as for the "no brainer," that's one of the most clever responses I've seen in a while - and one with which I can identify.
And afterwards, I'll drink your share of the egg nog

Anonymous said...

I love your word choice for Anything Goes. Very interesting.

By the way, the Loaded Questions chicklet has changed. You can get the new one from the latest Loaded Questions post. Sorry about my blog causing your comp. to freeze. I wonder why that happened. Let me know if it happens again. I'm glad you were still able to count on Jennie to get the questions though. Thanks for participating. :D

Julie said...

Sassafras is an outer-eastern suburb of Melbourne - up in the Dandenong Ranges. Just a little way up the hill from where I live. Beautiful part of the world, so you chose your word well. :)