i say... and you think...?

  1. Darling :: my nieces
  2. Majesty :: the Queen
  3. Pebble :: rock in my shoe
  4. Fate :: destiny (or as said in Back To The Future: density)
  5. Instant :: pudding
  6. Screen :: slam
  7. Unplugged :: MTV
  8. Dairy :: Houlton Farms (local ice creamery)
  9. Benefactor :: yes, please
  10. Market :: fresh foods

# 237


meowminx said...

we just have one matching answer for this week! Great list!

Mine are posted here :)

Have a great week!

meowminx said...

I like that we are color-opposites LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Love your response to benefactor. Wish I'd said that! Wish I had one. . .

Unknown said...

cool answers. Instant pudding...yum.

Cat. said...

"Benefactor :: yes, please" hee hee hee

[sorry, can't help you, but you made me laugh....]

Anonymous said...

loved your reference to McFly. Great mutterings.

Shirl said...

Great mutterings! Especially like darling . . . nieces!