by the way sunday

~School Days II~

Where did you attend grade school?
Pine Street Elementary School--it has the coolest playground!!
Did you start your first year in school in preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade?
Who was your favorite teacher and why?
wow... can't narrow down a favorite because the ones I loved would all be favorites: Mrs. Bates for first grade, Mrs. Footer for second grade, Mrs. Nichols for fourth grade and I can't remember my fifth grade teacher's name (right now) but I loved her, too!
Which year was your favorite and which was your least favorite? Explain.
I didn't like my third grade teacher and the year was horrible... so least favorite would definitely be third grade. Favorite is really hard to choose because everything is divided between before and after my mother's death.
Share a memory from your grade school years.
fourth grade, Mrs. Nichols loved science and had us do all kinds of creative and cool projects

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