i say... and you think...?

  1. Voyage :: journey
  2. Patricia :: O'Neill
  3. Transformation :: metamorphosis
  4. Vocabulary :: verbose
  5. San Francisco:: I left my heart
  6. Edward :: Scissorhands
  7. Sawyer :: Finn
  8. Literary :: books
  9. Tiger :: lily
  10. Seal :: Crazy

# 236


The Gal Herself said...

Crazy Seal? Seal Crazy? I don't understand ...

Kwizgiver said...

The title of Seal's big song. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I left my heart in SF as well:) Thanks for checking out my lists:)

Anonymous said...

Great Mutterings. Thanks for visiting my list.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we got one match this week: Edward Scissorhands.

I also just noticed your comment you left as I logged into my blog to post the new words. I didn't get an email letting me know I had a comment awaiting moderation (does that for first time comments) so now your comment is up and shouldn't require moderation again.

Take care!

Unknown said...

great answers!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh - again - as I do every time I read your blog. You had some great answers, but I really liked your description of your last day of freedom before the start of school.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog :) Edward Scissorhands it is!:)

MommaBoo said...


I ALWAYS enjoy your Un. Mutt.