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~School Days~
*updated the date

What year did you graduate from High School?
Where did you graduate from High School?
Presque Isle High School
What was your school mascot, colors, etc.?
wildcat, blue and white
What clubs or sports, if any, were you active in?
yearbook, drama club, Hi-Y, ... and pretty much everything else
How many students were in your Senior class?
around 250
What were your plans for the future when you graduated?
well... ha... I wanted to take time off but my family pressured me to go to uni
What advice would you give the High School Seniors of 2008*?
don't get caught up in the drama & excitement of high school--in ten years, it truly won't matter

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MommaBoo said...

I totally agree with your last answer.

Liked your answers. Similar to some of my high school senerios.