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Great Dane Gives Birth To Litter Of 16
Owners Had Expected Just Five New Puppies

(CBS) MANCHESTER, United Kingdom A Great Dane dog in Manchester has given birth to 16 puppies after a grueling 20 hours in labor, leaving her owners perplexed over what to do with the vast litter.

But despite Macey's success, she hasn't broken the world record of 24 puppies born to a Cambridgeshire dog in 2005.

Macey's proud owners Daniel and Jennifer Wilding, of Urmston, were expecting no more than four or five new arrivals.

But Macey, a two-year-old pedigree Blue, left them shocked after 20-hours in labor.

One pup died days later, but Daniel and Jennifer are now looking for new homes for 14 after deciding to keep a male for themselves.

Daniel, who brought Macey home when she was just a seven week-old puppy, said: "We have got our hands full that's for sure. We decided to have a litter because we wanted to have one of her children. She has got a lovely temperament and we had her mated a couple of months ago. We found out that she was pregnant through the vets. They said they could feel four puppies. Then she had a litter of 16. Our reaction was one of shock and horror really. She had four within hours and they just kept coming. We were stunned. Macey is perfectly fine and healthy and so are the pups. They are just starting to walk around and play with each other. It's lovely."

Daniel and Jennifer have yet to name any of the pups and said finding room for them all to sleep was proving difficult.

Great Danes are among the largest of dog breeds.

"The vets were shocked," Daniel added. "Great Danes do have large litters but nothing this size. We are going to keep one, a boy, but we are looking for good homes for the others. The house is utter madness at the moment but it is enjoyable to see them growing."

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