friday fill-in

# 31

1. Last weekend, I was thinking that I need to truly enjoy the rest of my vacation.

2. If the weather continues like this, I might drown in sweat.

3. Will my patience ever grow?

4. Often, on a summer's night, I think it would be nice to sleep under the stars...except for the bugs.

5. Right now, I could use a good strong hug. (you know, the kind that squeezes you and leaves you tingling)

6. My favorite summertime meal is strawberry-spinach salad with grilled chicken.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to running errands, tomorrow my plans include lunch with the girls, picking up some clothes donations, dinner with my nephew (!!!) and Sunday, I want to go with the flow!


Janet said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for playing :-)

MommaBoo said...


Okay, now that's outta the way.

I'm sweating like a hussey, too! (one of gramma's expressions)

Would love outside sleeping w/o bugs and such.

A strawberry-spinach salad w/o chicken sounds divine! (I'm a vegetarian)

Hope you have a happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Going with the flow can be so much fun! Have a fantastic weekend and do your best to enjoy the rest of your vacation. School will be starting soon, won't it?

Anonymous said...

Your summertime meal sounds delicious. Sadly, I'm allergic to strawberries. :(

Julie said...

sleeping under the stars - yeah!

Re the other game - maybe I should go kiss the Blarney Stone cos my fear of heights gets worse every year!