tuesday twosome

1. How many memes do you do weekly and what are they? I have one or more per day... they are listed in the links section to the right

2. How do you find new memes and do you share them with other internet bloggers? The best ones I find are on other bloggers' blogs. So, when I check out the answers someone else wrote (and there are a few names I regularly see, so I make sure to visit their blogs) if there is a new meme, I'll follow along.

3. What are the two main reasons you do memes? I love playing 20 questions kinds of games. I really enjoy the whole process--how open or honest do I get, that sort of thing.

4. If you can recall, what are the two funniest meme questions you have ever answered? Yikes!! I can't recall. What I can say for sure is that the Saturday Special had a "choose your own adventure" type of theme a couple weeks ago and that was really cool.

5. Do other peoples’ answers influence your answers and your thoughts of that person? oh, of course! Usually someone has a more clever answer or takes a question differently than I ever would have. It's fun when you find out common things with complete strangers and build a type of blog-friendship because of that.

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