story of a day...

Morning/Getting Ready:

1) You finally wake up in the morning. What time is it, probably? during school it is 5:15... not during school it's whenever

2) You go down to get yourself some breakfast. What would you make? usually a bowl of frosted bite-size mini wheats, dry and a glass of orange juice, or a Kashi chewy granola bar and oj

3) Someone calls you on the phone. Who do you want it to be? no one, I hate the phone

4) You turn on the TV for a bit. What channel do you put it on? TLC or CNN

5) You relax for a bit and do some surveys. Which type of survey do you want to do? the Blogthing surveys are fun... and so are Tickle--the kind that give insight into my personality

6) You have some time to kill before you go out. What do you do? read

7) You go and have a shower. How long does it take you? ten minutes

8) You decide to get yourself ready for your big day. How long does it take? ten minutes

9) You put on some makeup. What do you put on? eh, I don't wear makeup... if anything I would put on brown mascara

10) You're ready to leave. What do you take out with you? keys and either my purse (which has everything) or just my wallet and depending on what I'm up to either a book or magazine

The Day:
11) You are allowed to go and do anything you want. What do you do? have a lupper lunch/supper somewhere

12) You can take friends with you. Who would you take? meh... doesn't matter, I love them all equally

13) You don't feel like walking. How else would you get there? magic carpet?... ha... drive or be driven

14) You arrive. What do you go and do first? settle

15) You're getting tired. What do you do after? go home for a nappypoo!

16) You're going to a friend's house (different than one you were with). Whose do you go to? doesn't matter

17) You get to their house. What do you do first? settle

18) Someone texts you on your cell and asks if you want to hang tomorrow. What do you say? as I don't have a cell phone, it would be hard to guess

19) You go to the store to get some food. You see your friends and they ask if you want to do drugs. What do you say? Better living through chemistry! ha... we're all at an age that we take medication for our ailments. Yeesh, when did we get old????? Basically, what I'm saying is that I've never had friends who do illegal drugs. Call me a nerd, whatever. Who needs drugs?

20) After getting to the store, it turns out you can only buy one snack there. What do you get? a whoopie pie

Next Day/Random Events:
21) You're walking down the street and you find a magic lamp that grants you 3 wishes. What do you wish for?
1. peace on earth
2. fifty thousand dollars
3. world peace

22) You start singing to yourself. A famous producer hears and tells you that you're good and offers you a singing career. What do you say? For real??

23) You get stuck in an elevator. What do you do? count things

24) It's your birthday! What do you do to celebrate? oh, I donno... probably nothing much

25) Speaking of birthdays, who would you want to perform at it? U2 or John Legend

26) You get home and there's a check for $50, 000 in the mail for you. What would you spend it on? a new car!! and cozy furniture--I'd like to get a tempur-pedic.

27) You get to bring back anyone from the dead, famous or not. Who would it be? no one

28) You get to interview your favorite celebrity. What would you ask him/her? George Clooney; I'd ask him about his work for social and political causes

29) You get to see into the future but you can only find out one thing about your future life. What would you want to find out? uhmmmmm... if I ever figure out what to do with my life

30) That night, you go on a horrible date. How do you get out of it? oy, most of them are... usually I thank them for the evening and make a quick getaway.

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