sympathy for the devil

And no, I really don't mean it. I don't feel badly for you, as you wallow in self-pity, not taking any responsibility for how your expectations aren't met. It isn't my job to meet your expectations. It isn't my responsibility to ensure your needs are met. Nope, nope, nope. That's what happens when you break ties in a relationship. Capisce?

GET OVER YOURSELF. And leave me alone.



Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I need to print out this entire post, make a bazillion copies, and tape them all over my house, computer, car, dog, and clothes.

Whatever the situation is, I hope it works out for you.

MommaBoo said...


I'd hate to be that "unlucky" person!

Cat. said...

Dang. I want a T-shirt with this on it, or a button at least. And I agree 100% with Sam...and hope that whatever is going on gets sorted quickly!