ink blot personality test

According to experts, my personality type is :
Buddhist Monk
Ink Blot Personality TestOther people like me display these traits.
  • They go commando
  • They suffer from road rage
  • They dine and dash
  • They are scared of clowns
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    MommaBoo said...

    Huh! I'm scared for clowns, too!

    I don't have road rage and I wonder if I'm "dine & dash"? I don't even know what that means....

    Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you for a meme. Just go onto "O SO MO LOVE" and check it out!

    Hope you are having a blessed weekend.

    Cat. said...

    Odd--I got the same result (Buddhist Monk) but an entirely different list of 'traits.' The only one off your list that applies to me is "dine and dash;" I usually dine WHILE dashing!

    Mrs. Chili said...

    According to our experts, your personality type is :
    Evil Genius

    Other people like you display these traits.
    # They like black lingerie (check)
    # They are trekkies (double-check - I use the Vulcan Salute to teach grammar, even!)
    # They go commando (uh, not so much)
    # They voted for bush (SO not!)