i say... and you think...?

  1. Traditional :: honorable
  2. Popeye :: the sailor man (toot toot)
  3. Gin :: and lemonade
  4. Harsh :: ugly
  5. Topless :: boobs
  6. The thing :: is
  7. Defiant :: high school
  8. Huge :: my ass
  9. Food :: Al's diner
  10. Lenny :: Squiggy

# 234


CJ said...

Well, we were also thinking the same thing about Popeye.

How sad is it that we thought of Lenny and Squiggy? I don't want to know what that says about my subconscious!

And you're right. It is fun to see what others say.


Anonymous said...

Another Squiggy fan!

I hope he was able to retire early and rich, but somehow I doubt it. Thanks for dropping by!

Liz said...

love your 'huge' answer...

Julie said...

Defiant: high school. Hehehe, sounds about right to me (ex-teacher).

MommaBoo said...


My ass is huge, too!

Unknown said...

Hooray for Squiggie! He was the second one I thought of!

Anonymous said...

also a fan of the hindquarters response. i am not reading it as 'your ass is huge', i see it like this -
person: 'that was huge'
you: 'huge my ass! it was the smallest thing i've ever been shown!'

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your answers - and the commenters who identify with them.
i just found "I say" and am looking forward to reading everyone else's comments. Yours was the first; great fun.