by the way sunday

~Let’s Go Shopping~
By the way...

When out shopping, do you prefer to use cash, check, or a credit card?
I don't have a credit card but I use my bank card just about everywhere.

Would you describe yourself as a budgeter or a free spender?
unfortunately, a free spender--which explains why I don't have a credit card.

Do you use coupons and watch for sales?
sometimes I'll use coupons but not often and I don't watch for sales, normally

Where do you do most of your everyday shopping?
I prefer Shop'n Save for groceries, KMart for paper goods and sundries... but I find myself most often at the Evil Empire (SuperWalMart) just because there is very limited shopping here at the end of the earth.

Name a favorite store where you buy clothing.
Oh, I donno... CJBanks or Lane Bryant... I shop a lot online
If you could go on a shopping spree in ANY store, which would it be and why?
ha! A furniture store and I would completely redo my whole apartment with new furniture!


Anonymous said...

I agree about the limited shopping.. when I read "Shop N Save" I was amazed, haha. Most people (online) don't know what I'm talking about when I mention that place. That's where we do most of our grocery shopping, even though my husband is a manager at Shaw's! :)

MommaBoo said...

Enjoyed your answers and I totally agree, Wal-Mart IS the anti-Christ.....

Happy shopping!