the saturday special

Got the idea from my friend Darylynn

1. What's the oddest thing you've ever returned?:
2. Do you return things you don't like or just keep them?:
3. What's the largest item you've ever returned?:
4. Have you ever returned a dress/outfit you wore to a special occasion?

1. a single-serving (using the pods) coffee maker

2. my shopping rule is: Don't buy it unless you LOVE it and can make three combinations out of it

3. probably the coffee maker from # 1

4. no... I think it's wrong to return already-worn clothing


LadyT said...

Hi K :)

Enjoyed your answers, especially #2. Thanks for playing. Have a great week ahead.

FalnAngel7 said...

Just dropping by to check out the Saturday Special. I've been busy this week so I didn't make my usual rounds. Have a great weekend!