saturday 8

today's saturday 8 is a fill-in-the-blank version! **signifies a blank filled in**

1. **TtL**, I love you, but you really need to stop **eating trash** because **makes a mess and is terribly gross**. (TtL is abeloved dog that I regularly dogsit)

2. **VB**, I don't know if I could ever thank you enough for **your care and friendship last summer**. It really meant/means a lot to me because **I was scared and needed help**.

3. **AC**, when are you/we are going to finally **get together**. You have been promising me for **months and months** and I think we/you should finally move forward with your promise and just get it done!

4. **DL**, I am sorry that I **didn't go to lunch and garden tour**. I only did it because **I had had enough fakeyness for one day**.

5. **AY**, I think I want you to know that **I look forward to our lunch dates like a kid looks forward to Christmas morning**. I would have told you before but couldn't because **I'd feel like a dork**.

6. **JW**, you are my favorite **former student** because you **want to hang out with me, still** .

7. **TLS**, I owe you **a fabulous shopping experience** because **you deserve it for your birthday**.

8. **GC**, you probably have NO idea, but I really find you attractive! I really love your **use of your celebrity to fight a world-wide crisis** ... but I cannot tell you because **I might come across like a creepy stalker**.

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