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This week at Mundane Monday

We're doing 5 favorite dishes:
Maybe you’ve found something that just makes your mouth water. Or, possibly a dessert that makes you feel good. Whatever the case, we all have a few favorite foods that we can’t live without. What are your favorites?

1. Strawberry spinach salad:

2. Whoopie pies:

3. Pepperoni piazza

4. Tomato bisque

5. Last but never least: mashed potatoes


Mrs. Chili said...

I love strawberries, though I've never had them in salads...

My favorite foods change with my moods (and, it seems, my hormone levels). The current top five are chicken dinner sandwiches (mayo, chicken, cranberry sauce and stuffing on toast); strawberries, plain and whole; Harry and David double dipped malted milk balls; tuna salad subs from the shop down the street; and barbecued chicken sandwiches with my own, homemade bbq sauce. YUM!

MommaBoo said...

I love All of these!

Veggie pepperoni, please!

Now I'm hungry. Thanks, Allison!