just another manic monday

Manic Monday

1. What celebrity crushes did you have when you were growing up? Ok, growing up... biggest crushes on Jimmy Osmond, Davy Jones, Jack Wild (from HR Puffinstuff), Alan Alda, Lee Majors (from Big Valley and later the 6 Million Dollar Man)... uhm... middle school was definitely Tom Hanks when he was on Bosom Buddies.

2. What cartoon character best describes you? Snoopy, Charlie Brown's dog from Peanuts

3. Complete this statement “I recommend…” (it can be a TV show, book, movie, website, activity, restaurant, etc.) (yowza, this is tough!!) I recommend Michael Buble's "Call Me Irresponsible" for a summer soundtrack; I recommend Water for Elephants for a summer read (I haven't finished a book and wanted to immediately re-read it in a very long time, but WfE was one of those books); I recommend Miami Ink for summer TV--that was the show that convinced me to get body art and tell my story; I recommend The Daily Nooz for a website because it's so much fun; I recommend Snood for relaxation; and I recommend Al's Diner for diner food at very low prices. Plus the drive is gorgeous!

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