friday five

1. We’re buying you a lifetime subscription to any magazine or periodical journal you want! What’ll it be? O, the Oprah Magazine or The Week.

2. We’re buying you any existing non-chain, one-location-only store and giving you an expert lifetime manager, so that all you have to do is make decisions and watch them succeed or fail! What will be the store, and what will be your first change? Uhm... geeze, I have no idea. I know we could use a bakery around here, though.

3. We’re buying you any house within a one-mile radius of your own! Which one do you want, and why? I would buy the yellow Cape Cod house on Third Street. I love that street and the house doesn't look overwhlemingly large for me.

4. We’re hiring someone to take care of any ONE specific household chore (except cooking) for the rest of your life! Which chore will he or she attend to? A professional organizer who will keep everything tidy and organized. I will never have to struggle with putting things in the "right" place again!

5. We’re providing the start-up capital for any crazy idea for a business, service, or product you can dream up, giving you total creative control while we finance your dream for five years, after which it must fail or succeed on its own merit! What will it be? I would definitely start my own charter school. Get me out of public education and into private!

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