five on friday

1. If you're out shopping and hear a baby cry, what's your first thought? SHUTTTT UPPPPPP! Ok, not really... I usually try to listen to hear what type of cry it is--hunger, cranky, dipey time.

2. Are the passengers in your car required to buckle their seat belts regardless of age? Oh yes.

3. Do you ever feel the need to clean/straighten your loved ones? With your own spit? Ahhh, magic mother spit... I don't use it. I do tell people if their fly is down, slip is showing, tag is up or something like that.

4. Some people are described as having "a face only a mother could love." What people or things in your life do you love unconditionally? U2... actually, I can't think of anything. Isn't it human to place some conditions on loving?

5. In what ways are you like your mother? What habits, catch phrases, and tricks have you picked up from her? My mom died when I was six so I don't know about my likenesses to her. I can say that I have a lot of my father's mannerisms and facial expressions.

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