monday, moanday...

A new meme called Mundane Monday just started today, so I thought I would give it a go:

“5 Things I Love/Hate About Monday.”

hmm... love or hate....

1. I love when everyone around me complains about it being Monday. Uh... not much is gonna change that, pal.

2. I love when I get into the groove of Monday morning.

3. I love Monday coffee. For some reason that first cup tastes extra yummy.

4. I love catching up with my friends and students about what we did over the weekend or vacation. Makes me feel less boring.

5. I love Mondays that are days off, there's something decadent about them.

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Anonymous said...

Days off on Mondays are the best. I was just stopping by from Mundane Monday. Of course, I did 5 things I hate.