Yann Arthus-Bertrand has developed this multimedia presentation as a result of having spent time in a little village in Maui talking to a local man whose life could be summed up in four words – 'to feed my family.' Yann was so moved by this experience, he undertook this project 'to draw a portrait of contemporary mankind by asking questions about universal values.'

"What is happiness? What lessons can we learn from life's difficulties? What's the meaning of life?" Although answers to these questions are not guaranteed, the viewer cannot help but gain a greater understanding of life after experiencing this website.

Featured are people from around the globe, normal people, not famous by usual standards, people who are 'Testifying,' resulting in the viewer 'Listening' and 'Thinking.'

This is a site that will warrant several visits; the interviews both as posted and also the podcast available for downloading, are worthy of both journalist and social accolades.

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