5 on friday

Five Favorites
Inspired by Ali Edwards's "Life Artist Challenges".


5 everyday favorites --- Oprah, comfy lounge clothes, coffee--either iced or hot, laughter, reflection/relaxation

4 mood-lifters --- joy journaling*, driving through the beautiful countryside, hugs, Dad & Barb (they are a package deal and count as one: yeah, it's my list and I can do that if I want to.)

3 reasons to get out of bed --- to potty, for work, it's time (you know, that feeling that if you lie in bed another moment you'll turn into the mattress?)

2 people you love --- Val and Tom

1 thing you love about yourself --- I am resilient

* joy journal*: write in a journal at least three instances of pure joy during the day--could be anything that inspires you to remember the joy, especially in a tough time or on a bad day. Examples would be: reading a good book, savoring chocolate, the perfect cup of coffee, laughing so hard you can't catch your breath... anything that gives a moment of joy.

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