ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:

1)  Sleeping without an alarm clock is an indulgence I will always appreciate.

2)  I have discovered Topo Chico sparkling Raspberry Lemon water.  Yes, please!

3)  I set specific goals to get started on my syllabi revision projects and accomplished them! Having action steps helped me overcome the hurdle of getting started.

4)  It would be great to have #3 finished by the end of the month.

5)  It is hot and humid.  Boo!

6)  I have a fan blowing on me.  Yay!

7)  Ice cream is in my future.

8)  Although, that would entail getting off my couch.

9)  I received some fun mail today--a tote from LLBean, a new pair of Keds, and Oofos slides.  I'm trying the slides for the first time, I hope I like them.

10)  I should make a post of my book recommendations from the first six months of the year.  I'm crushing my reading goal.

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