saturday 9


1) In this song, Barbra Streisand sings that pride can get in the way of happy relationships. Have you found that to be true? I haven't had that experience

2) The photo on the record sleeve was taken on Chicago's Oak Street Beach, as Barbra watches the sun rise over Lake Michigan. Have you been to the beach yet this summer? I went during April if that counts

3) Barbra performed "People" more than 1,350 times when she played Fanny Brice onstage in Funny Girl. She also did it in her Oscar-winning turn as Fanny in the film version. She performed it in her first TV special back in 1964 and in at least 510 concerts since. That's a lot of "People!" Can you think of another performer who has/had a song that is so identified with them you can't imagine seeing them in concert without hearing it? Lady Gaga--Born This Way

4) Barbra got her first pet, a poodle named Sadie, as a gift from the Funny Girl behind-the-scenes crew when she was 23 years old and she's had dogs in her life ever since. Did you have pets when you were growing up? we had a wire-haired dachshund named Figaro for a few months when I was in second grade--and then we rescued/adopted my beloved Mopsie when I was in 8th grade, then we had Tsing-tsing the shih tzu, and then Maggie the beloved bichon

5) Barbra has always taken her Jewish faith seriously, beginning with her days at the Yeshiva of Brooklyn. 70 years later, her old school is still there. How about your grammar school? Does it still stand? it does, although I believe it's due for either complete remodeling or demolition in a few years

6) She tried marijuana a couple times but didn't like it and the only alcohol she drinks is the occasional beer with her Chinese food. Are you like Barbra and generally abstain? Or do you enjoy pot and/or alcohol? not a pot partaker however I had a love affair with alcohol until the medication I take interacted negatively with it... so now I abstain

7) Barbra's favorite lunch is a bowl of Campbell's condensed tomato soup. If we were to peek into your pantry, would we find any canned soup? I try to keep a can or two of chicken soup

8) In 1964, when this song was popular, hats were, too. The Sears Spring/Summer catalog devoted six pages to ladies hats and two pages to mens. Are hats part of your wardrobe? as a knitter I have a full compliment of hats which I rarely wear since I don't like how they feel on my head--I wish I was a hat fan

9) Random question: Which of your personality traits has gotten you in the most trouble? my diplomatic nature has put me in awkward situations--for instance, I had to gently tell a coworker that their body odor was offensive


Bev Sykes said...

#9 ... how awkward!

CountryDew said...

That would be an awkward situation re: #9. I have had to tell people their perfume gives me asthma attacks. Usually they don't believe me, unless I happen to have one right in front of them.

The Gal Herself said...

#6: That's my nephew! He can't drink because of his migraine meds. My friend John used to say my nephew was lying to me, that all college kids drink, but John never had a migraine.

#9: Oooh! That must have been terrifically unpleasant for both of you.

Stacy said...

I love the creative names you had for your pets. Never heard of a wire-haired dachshund. I don't like hats, either. I hate the weight and I think I look stupid in them.

Diana_CT said...

#3 Great song!
#5 Our grammar schools are slowly converting them to senior housing as the baby boomers get old.
#9 We had someone at work that used to have body from diabetes, whenever he had high blood sugar he developed a body odor. We used to tell him check your blood sugar.