saturday 9


1) In this week's song, The Presidents sing about a long married, very happy couple. Who is the longest married couple you know? Who is the happiest? Are they the same couple? my Pennsylvania sister has been married 42 years 

2) The lyrics ask repeatedly: "Aren't we happy?" Are you feeling happy today? Why or why not? after some flight delays, I finally got to Kansas City 

3) This happy couple enjoys watching children at play. Is there a park, playground or schoolyard near you? not right now 

4) This song reminds Crazy Sam of when she used to recite the multiplication tables. Think back to your school days. Was math one of your favorite subjects? oh, hell no!

5) The Presidents seems like a good name for a band formed in Washington DC. What would be an appropriate name for a band from your hometown? Almost An Island 

6) DC trivia: The street names are letters, but J was skipped. That's because in the 1700s, the way many wrote their alphabet, "J" looked like "I" and so "J" was passed over to avoid confusion. Tell us something we may not know about your hometown (or state). the first trans-Atlantic hot air balloon flight took off from my hometown 

7) In 1970, when this song was on the Billboard chart, The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered on CBS. The theme song said Mary could "turn the world on with her smile," yet in real life, MTM was self-conscious about her "wide mouth." Are you comfortable looking at photos of yourself? I guess so, I mean, this is what I look like now 

8) Also in 1970, Dinah Shore became one of the first women to host her own national daytime talk show. Today, Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore, Tamron Hall, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Ripa all have their own shows, and The Talk and The View are both hosted by women. Who is your favorite talk show host? I don’t have one 

9) Random question -- Would you rather have a job that has you on your feet all day, or one that has you parked in a chair? there are drawbacks to both 


The Gal Herself said...

So you're meme-ing from Kansas City? This is like a cyber-postcard.

It seems none of us watch daytime talk shows. I wonder then why there are so many of them.

Diana_CT said...

#7 I don't have many old photos of me, I was the one usually taken the photos.