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1.    Write about the best decision you ever made. How did you make it? Was it reasoning or gut instinct? the best decision I ever made was to accept myself as I am--physically, spiritually, and emotionally and it was both reasoning and gut instinct.  I am me.  I am a more compassionate, patient person for it.

2.    What ONE thing would you change about your life? How would your life be different? I wonder what my life would be like if my mum had lived.

3.    What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Why was it hard for you? What did you learn? January 2024 was the hardest thing I have ever done.  Being evicted after 29 years, having Covid, and finding a new place to live and managing the move in essentially two weeks on top of teaching and other obligations was a shitty start to the new year.  I learned that what will be will be.

4.    What is your greatest hope for your future? What steps can you take to make it happen? I hope to have a happy retirement.  The steps I can take--well, get through the next few years until I retire.

5.    If you can time travel, what will you tell your teenage self? He is not the one. And you should definitely go to more concerts!

6.    Write about the most glorious moment in your life so far. interestingly enough, the glorious moments I'm sorting through involve heights--climbing the spires of Sagrada Familia, observing the lights of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, kissing the Blarney Stone and curing my fear of heights, and floating over my hometown in a hot air balloon

7.    What did you struggle most with today? I'm feeling somewhat melancholy today--Mother's Day is bittersweet

8.    What made you happy today? waking up without an alarm

9.    What did you dislike most about growing up? chaos

10.    Write about 3 activities you love the most and why you love them. reading, knitting, and driving because they are activities that keep me curious, relaxed, and moving

11.    What has been your best trip so far? my most recent trip

12.    Write a list of 3 things (physical or personality-wise) you love about yourself, and why they make you unique. I make people feel comfortable, I am a fierce ally, I am curious about everything

13.    Discuss 3 things you wish others knew about you. I would accept offers of help, I love getting small, thoughtful gifts, I actually enjoy looking at your family/children/grandchildren/pet photos

14.    Write about your top 3 personal strengths. I connect well with teenagers, I am a good listener, I do not suffer fools

15.    Is social media a blessing or a curse? if it's not taken too seriously it is a blessing


CountryDew said...

Your #1 deserves loads of applause. That's certainly something I have never managed. I liked these answers!

Roger Owen Green said...

COVID sucks. Getting evicted sucks. the combo of the two? Yikes!