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There are multiple narrative points of view, each from a complex character.  The relationship between the college roommates is bound by their September birthdays and shared history.  But there is only a little backstory about what makes the friendship so strong.  The fourth narrator, Shea, needs a lot more detail.  It was disappointing that her character raised more questions than answers.  And that's my major criticism of the book.  The premise is great.  The characters are inherently good but flawed women.  The mystery is a slow burn.  I also liked that there is a podcast interspersed with the narratives--it raises questions and foreshadows some plot points.

From the publisher:
Three friends’ lives terrifyingly unravel when they win a billion-dollar lottery jackpot—and one goes missing.

It was the girls’ weekend they’d never forget.

J.J., Molly, and Leila had once been inseparable, but it’s been a long time since college, and life—not to mention distance—have disrupted the former roommates’ friendship. When the three reunite for a birthday weekend in Las Vegas, the lottery ticket they buy on a whim has the winning numbers—giving them a billion-dollar windfall. Shell-shocked, they turn to Shea Daniels, a “sudden wealth manager,” who promises to guide them through the pitfalls of having more money than they’d ever imagined.

It was the girls’ weekend they’d live to regret.

The trio travels to a secluded California mansion, where Shea and her staff cater to their every whim, promising to teach them to navigate their newfound wealthy lifestyles with ease. The house is luxurious beyond their wildest dreams—and purportedly cursed, the last place a missing movie star was seen alive. Their weekend turns to terror when they discover they are trapped—roads blocked and communication disrupted by the wildfires raging around them. And when history repeats itself and one of them disappears—the one who’s holding the billion-dollar ticket—the others must face the fact that either their friend has betrayed them…or a predator is lurking.

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