ten things tuesday

Ten fun taglines about me generated by Gemini:
  1. History in the classroom, yarn in my hands, hitting the road on weekends - I'm your social studies teacher with a twist!
  2. Books, knitting needles, and wanderlust fuel my soul. Ask me about the world, past or present!
  3. I teach the past, knit the present, and road trip to the future. Let's roll!
  4. Don't be fooled by the textbooks - this social studies teacher can also hold her own in a knitting circle.
  5. Grading essays by day, conquering yarn by night. I'm your social studies teacher with a crafty side.
  6. Equal parts history buff and wanderlust enthusiast. Buckle up for a lesson, or a road trip!
  7. Lost in a good book, found on the open road. Social studies teacher, travel guru, and master of cozy crafts.
  8. Listening skills honed in the classroom, creativity unleashed with yarn. I'm your well-rounded social studies teacher.
  9. A Dunkin' iced coffee, a love of learning, and a passion for adventure - that's your favorite social studies teacher in a nutshell.
  10. Instilling history, unraveling yarn, exploring the world. Teacher, traveler, and knitter - one lesson, stitch, or adventure at a time.

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The Gal Herself said...

I like #3. Let's roll!