sunday stealing

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How Far Will  You Go?

1.    What's the best thing to inherit other than money? intelligence

2.    What one  thing would you most like to happen tomorrow? nice weather

3.    Who is the person with whom you've been most infatuated? George Clooney

4.    In what part of the day does time go slowest and fastest? my planning period is the fastest time of the day and the slowest is  whichever class is being noisiest

5.    Whose thoughts would you most like to read? I would like to read a beloved pet's thoughts--I just need a beloved pet; I'm not interested in reading a person's thoughts

6.    Who is the person you'd least like to touch? George Clooney because I'd never be able to wash my hands again and that would be inconvenient

7.    What is the best quality you inherited from your parents? my diplomacy from Dad and making people feel comfortable from Mum (it's what people always say about her when they tell me their memories of her)

8.    Who is the friend you most often disagree with? probably my teacher friend Jess

9.    What's the best ritual of your daily life? I enjoy my daily Dunkin iced coffee ritual

10.    What is the most useful job you've ever had? teaching

11.    In which year of your life did you change the most? it was the year therapy clicked for me and I prioritized myself

12.    What's the best thing you've ever gotten for free? a wonderful massage therapist gave me a free massage when she found out it was my birthday

13,    What is the thing you are best at? being an audience

14.    What was the luckiest moment in your life? when my doctor scheduled the scan that discovered pulmonary emboli and saved my life

15.    What is the single most important thing you have ever learned? to have faith


Lisa said...

Teachers are VERY important. I'm so glad the doctor did that scan. Wow!!

Roger Owen Green said...

I need therapy to click for me. I tried it during COVID, and it was a bust.

Plastic Mancunian said...

I'm not sure that therapy would help me. It's not something we do over in the UK. Not that I need it of course. I'm a happy chap.




Bev Sykes said...

I love your answer to #6. LOL.

CountryDew said...

Catching a PE was definitely lucky.