sunday stealing

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From Tuesday 4

1.  Name a TV series show or shows in which you have seen every episode at least twice: MASH and Friends

2.  Name a show or shows you can't or would not miss: Bosom Buddies and Friends

3.  Name an actor or actors that would make you more inclined to watch a show: Tina Fey or Amy Poehler

4.  Name an actor or actors who would make you less likely to watch a show:  Rosanne Barr or Patricia Heaton

5. You're having a lovely dinner party for friends and family.  What will you serve for appetizers, main course and dessert? I don't think I would have an appetizer--I would serve salad, lasagna, and for dessert either chocolate mousse or cupcakes

6. Snow storm!    You've got house guests and you're all stuck inside for the night. What do you prepare for dinner.  Will you watch a movie? Which? I would probably make soup in the crockpot or a lasagna.  We would either play games or watch a movie.  I would let them choose the movie.

7. We are going into New York City for the weekend. Where do you want to go? I want to meet up with my friend the actor because he always has the coolest recommendations of funky places to go.

8. You are going to night school.  They offer courses in writing short stories, painting, piano  or guitar lessons, simple home repairs, baking, and gardening. Which do you pick  (or make up one of your own)  and why? painting or baking because they are fun

9.   Ever been to a Drive In Theater? Would you like to see Drive In Theaters make a come back? yes and yes

10.  Should towns provide community entertainment like bands in the park, fireworks on the 4th, community picnics or is the cost just too much? my town does host all of those

11.  What would you change about your town if you had the power? fewer pot shops and a more diverse downtown

12.   How often do you find yourself shopping for groceries? every couple of weeks

13. Do you have a favorite night time snack? plain ritz crackers

14,  Do you buy in bulk and what kinds of tips do you have to save money on grocery shopping? I buy paper goods in bulk and I don't have any tips to save money

15. Let's have a picnic in the park.  What foods are we packing and will we cook anything there or is it all prepared ahead of time? everything will be prepared ahead of time unless we're assembling sandwiches  and there must be plain potato chips and fruit


Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE Ritz crackers.
I watched the first 8 seasons of MASH twice each during the original run, but by season 9, I watched them only once.

CountryDew said...

Not a lot of Roseanne lovers among the Sunday Stealing crowd.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Tina Fey is quite funny. I like her.

I'd like to go to NY with someone who knows it really well. Last time we were there, we did our own exploring.




The Gal Herself said...

Patricia Heaton has no belly button. She says it's because she had a tummy tuck. I say it's because she's not human.