A day late...

I am...

Reading:  All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle (I'm just starting it)

Listening toEveryone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson (I will finish it tonight)

Loving:  friendships

Thinking:  I am organizing little tasks for the week

Feeling:  relaxed and happy

Celebrating:  this vacation week as a Self-Care Celebration:  after a weekend filled with friendship and laughter, I have self-care appointments all week--a hair appointment today, a massage tomorrow, a manicure Thursday, and more!

Grateful for:   an invitation to go with some girlfriends on a weekend getaway--we stayed at Seal Harbor (which is on Bar Harbor) and had a magnificent time laughing, playing games, eating, and enjoying the beautiful Atlantic Ocean at a distance

Enjoying:  my freshly coiffed hair

Weather:  it is 42° and cloudy

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