ten things tuesday

Ten AI sponsored questions:

  1. Do you prefer the mountains or the beach for a vacation? today I'll go to the beach
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  a reformed night owl--now morning person
  3. Would you rather travel the world or live in one place your whole life? travel
  4. Do you collect anything? books, yarn, hugs, and experiences
  5. Can you play a musical instrument? I have good rhythm for the tamborine 
  6. Have you ever been to a concert that blew you away? yes!  Billy Joel's Innocent Man tour in 1984 as well as Sting under the stars
  7. Do you prefer to cook or eat out? eat out
  8. Are you more introverted or extroverted? as I get older, I get more introverted
  9. Would you choose to win the lottery or achieve your dream career? today I'll choose the lottery win
  10. Do you believe in learning a new skill every year? I'm a life-long learner so YES!


The Gal Herself said...

"Sting under the stars." Great phrase! You could do marketing for him.

CountryDew said...

I would have chosen the lottery win, too.