ten things tuesday

Ten unexpected joys in a seemingly ordinary day:

1)  No traffic while commuting to work.  Not that I face log-jam traffic on a typical day but this morning there were NO cars in my lane. Plus I hit all green lights!

2)  Helping a student with a complex scheduling problem.  My homeroom students spent extra time with me this morning to begin the process of selecting classes for next year.  As Freshmen, they have not had an opportunity to choose their own classes, so this was quite an overwhelming experience.  I helped figure out how to juggle classes plus have a study hall.

3)  My work bestie gifted me some Canadian chocolate.  There is a difference.  It was delicious.

4)  I had two virtual meetings and both times my hair videoed great.  

5)  I rediscovered the SiriusXM station dedicated to U2.  The songs put me in such place and time, sweet memories.

6)  Mint Milano cookies.

7)  Using my planning period productively.  I got caught up on grading.  I wrote a project called the "Voices of WWII" and it features the role of African Americans, Indigenous Americans, Japanese Americans, and women in the war effort.  My students have to create a radio broadcast (similar to a Fireside Chat, since we just studied them) about their role.

8)  Wearing jeans.  There isn't an official teacher dress code other than past practice of "dressing professionally."  Since it's Winter Carnival week and there are tons of distractions and disruptions, we get to dress casually.  I'm a firm believer in wearing colored jeans--and that my pants don't make me a good teacher.  So it's nice to wear jeans and be comfortable.

9)  Taking pride in my new apartment.  I'm doing my best to keep the clutter at bay.  It's a struggle!  But I'm working on it.  There are a few cardboard boxes that can go out to the recycling dumpster, but I'm keeping up with everything else.  IYKYK

10)  Sturdy laundry baskets.  Something simple that makes me happy.  I replaced a broken basket with a much sturdier model.

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