ten things tuesday

Ten random things rattling around my brain:

1)  I used the last of my "earned time off" (aka personal days) today so that I could facilitate a Library Board of Trustees workshop meeting.

2)  Facilitating a meeting of people with their own personal agenda or axe to grind is challenging.

3)  I'm more tired after this workshop than teaching all day. 

4)  Is Daylight Saving Time necessary?  Other than shocking my system twice a year?

5)  We had a scrumptious vegetarian lasagna catered at the workshop.  I should have taken some leftovers home.

6)  Big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow swirling outside my window.

7)  I get to start a new audiobook tonight.

8)  I made a casserole for dinner last night and have leftovers for tonight!  A definite win!

9)  Never in my teaching career have I used all of my personal days.  But I guess moving ate into them.

10) I need a sweater.  Or a blankey.

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