self-care sunday

This is a good prompt.  I have good boundaries in my personal life.  With family, friends, acquaintances, with obligations, committees, and saying no.  My interpersonal boundaries are quite good professionally--there is a fine line between me and my students that I will never cross.  And I have learned how to balance friendship and collegiality.  I've also placed a premium on my time. 

I don't know if this is a thing, but I need to set better boundaries with myself.  Is that a thing?  Perhaps I mean being more self-disciplined or something along those lines but I sometimes let myself down.  And I don't mean grandiose ideas that slide by, I mean everyday routine things that I intend to accomplish but don't.  It's not procrastination, it's intentional refusal.  Things that are consequential and inconsequential.  I need to unravel that.

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