saturday 9


Hold Me Now

1) This week's song begins with a young man gazing at a picture of himself and his girlfriend in happier times. Are there any photographs in the room you're in right now? I have a wall of photo-tiles

2) His girl tells him he's a dreamer. Do you consider yourself more a dreamer or realist? more of a realist

3) "Hold Me Now" was a big hit for the British pop band, The Thompson Twins. They got their start in the late 1970s in the English city of Sheffield, so named because the River Sheaf runs through it. Do you know how your town got its name? there are two rivers and a stream surrounding and bisecting my town, thus it is almost an island

4) Today lead singer Tom Bailey performs solo and is an outspoken advocate for veganism. Vegans abstain from consuming animal products, particularly in their diets. Are you a vegan, or have you ever tried to stick to a vegan diet? I have never been vegan

5) Tom's former bandmate Joe Leeway has left show business altogether and concentrates on a career in hypnotherapy. This therapy is commonly used to treat insomnia, smoking cessation and obesity. Is hypnotherapy something you have tried, or would consider? I would consider it for anxiety

6) In 1983, when this song was popular, Motorola introduced the first cell phone. Today cell phones are an essential part of our every day lives. Do you still have a landline? nope

7) Also in 1983, American West airlines took off, flying between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Where did you travel to on your most recent flight? Roanoke, VA

8) In 1983, Princess Diana was the world's top cover girl. Are there any magazines in the room you're in? If yes, who or what is on the cover? no

9) Random question: Is anyone on your bad side this morning? nope


Diana_CT said...

#5 A friend told me that she lost weight with hypnotherapy, it didn’t work. It just made my pocket lighter.
#8 Magazines are becoming passé. My sister-in-law gets Down East and Yankee magazines, I like both but I can read them online. The latest Down East has an article about Aroostook County's Houlton Band of Maliseets.

The Gal Herself said...

If you try hypnosis for anxiety, please report back and let me know how it worked.

songbird's crazy world said...

Magazine? What’s that?