saturday 9

Charlie Mops

Not familiar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1. This week's song is about a legend, Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer. Tell us about something you enjoy so much you could sing about it with the same enthusiasm the Salt Sea Pirates sing of beer.  BOOKS!

2.  The lyrics tell us beer goes well with breakfast, dinner and snacks. Think about what you dined on yesterday. What beverages did you have with your breakfast, your dinner, and your between-meal snack? orange juice, water, and water

3. "Charlie Mops" was chosen because it's an Irish drinking song and Sunday is St. Patrick's Day. Do you expect to raise a glass in honor of the day? unfortunately, alcohol and my prescription medicines don't play well together

4. Beer is not the only beverage often dyed green for St. Patrick's Day. In 1970, McDonald's introduced the Shamrock Shake, a milkshake made with a minty green syrup. If we were to go out for shakes right now, what flavor would you order? either a Shamrock Shake with Oreos or a chocolate shake or maybe even jamocha

5. Legend has it that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who can be mischievous pranksters. Is there anyone you would like to avoid today? today I'm planning to be social!

6. For all our talk of green, it was not the original color of St. Patrick's Day. Through most of the 18th century, blue was worn across England and Ireland to honor St. Patrick. The Irish switched to green to express their independence from the English. Which color do wear more often: blue or green? probably green in all it's various shades

7. Today St. Patrick's Day is observed all over the world. In Tokyo, it's not a single day but a weekend celebration. When you think of Japan, what's the first thing that comes to mind? interestingly, I'm studying the rise of dictators just before WWII, so I thought of the question I'm challenging my students with:  Was Pearl Harbor inevitable? (or something along those lines)

8. One of the biggest parades each year in Buenos Aires is for St. Patrick's Day. Have you ever participated in a parade? an uncle had several vintage cars, including a Model A and he used to let us ride in parades with him--we'd toss candy

9. Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA, crowns a Miss St. Patrick's Day. Tell us about an event you recall from your college days. I am nostalgic for my study abroad in Ireland


CountryDew said...

Books is a good answer to #1. I think Pearl Harbor probably could have been avoided, but most likely some other event would have occurred to bring the US into the war. So my answer would be "something" was inevitable.

Susan said...

That Japanese wanted to control of the Pacific, so I would say it was bound to happen Something like that would have taken a lot of planning to attack on a quiet Sunday morning. We met two Pearl Harbor Survivors on two different occasions while in Hawaii. I am sure you read Michener's book titled Hawaii. I would like to re-read that book in large print. We also went on the "Big Mo" USS Missouri.

The Gal Herself said...

Loving Ireland as you do, this must be your day!

songbird's crazy world said...

I’ve always enjoyed studying WW II. you raise an interesting question about Japan.