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This light fiction is a book about how books bring people together.  Belonging to multiple book groups I could relate to the ins and outs of what goes into a lively discussion.  The narrative threads offer each character's backstory and how they all fit together.  And I like the found family vibe.  I like the misfit nature of how the characters come together.  And I love Sloane's ability to wrap Arthur around her finger.  

From the publisher:
Sloane Parker lives a small, contained life as a librarian in her small, contained town. She never thinks of herself as lonely...but still she looks forward to that time every day when old curmudgeon Arthur McLachlan comes to browse the shelves and cheerfully insult her. Their sparring is such a highlight of Sloane's day that when Arthur doesn't show up one morning, she's instantly concerned. And then another day passes, and another.

Anxious, Sloane tracks the old man down only to discover him all but bedridden...and desperately struggling to hide how happy he is to see her. Wanting to bring more cheer into Arthur's gloomy life, Sloane creates an impromptu book club. Slowly, the lonely misfits of their sleepy town begin to find each other, and in their book club, find the joy of unlikely friendship. Because as it turns out, everyone has a special book in their heart—and a reason to get lost (and eventually found) within the pages.

#52bookclub prompt 9: a character-driven novel.

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