saturday 9

Poor Little Fool

1) Ricky Nelson sings of a girl with "carefree devil eyes." Are your eyes your best feature? If not, what is? I always thought my lips were

2) "Poor Little Fool" literally arrived at Ricky's doorstep. A pretty girl knocked on his front door, and played and sang her original composition for him. Who has most recently knocked on your front door (or rung the bell)? my oldest sister

3) That girl was Sharon Sheeley. A teen model in Los Angeles during the 1950s, she met many of the early rock stars at promotional events. Elvis encouraged her to follow her heart and start writing songs, so she did. Who have you advised recently? Did they take your advice? I had to leave school fifteen minutes early yesterday and I advised my students to get dismissed so they didn't have to go to study hall

4) With the success of "Poor Little Fool," Sharon gave up modeling and concentrated on music. Her songs were recorded by singers such as Richie Valens, Glen Campbell and Johnny Rivers. How many different occupations have you tried? Which was your favorite? my current occupation is my favorite--I have tried 5 different occupations

5) Ricky Nelson was the son of Ozzie and Harriet and brother of David Nelson. They began performing together as a family with their radio program The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. They took the show to television in 1952, where they were referred to as "The Most Famous Family in America." What TV family would you like to hang around with? I always wanted to be a Brady or a Partridge

6) While Ricky eventually became the audience favorite, he wasn't initially a likely candidate for stardom. A producer described him as "an odd little kid," shy and small for his age. In those early days, big brother David was more outgoing and considered a natural actor. Thinking back to your preteen years, were you more like David or Rick? David

7) Ricky never got over his shyness. He often closed his eyes as he sang on camera or before an audience because it helped him battle his nerves and concentrate on the music. Fan magazine oohed and aahed over his beautiful long lashes and young girls fantasized about Ricky closing his eyes before leaning in for a kiss. Who was your big pre-teen crush? I had a pre-teen crush on Jimmy Osmond

8) In 1958, when "Poor Little Fool" was #1, American women were shopping for Italian-inspired footwear. Heels were lower, and the leather was textured and less shiny that the popular patent leather of years gone by. If you were to go shoe shopping today, what would you be looking for?  winter sneakers

9) Random question -- Which of these parties sounds like the most fun: a) one you host yourself; b) one at a friend's home; c) a surprise party in your honor? hands-down B


CountryDew said...

I never got into the Osmonds. Not my kind of music. I didn't know there were winter and summer sneakers.

Diana_CT said...

#5 Interesting choices, large families.
#8 Okay, what are winter sneakers?

Bev Sykes said...

You may be the only one more like David than Ricky.

Lori said...

I wish I were more outgoing. That is awesome that you are! :) Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


songbird's crazy world said...

I wouldn’t mind be8ng an Osmond. I liked Donny

The Gal Herself said...

I liked Shirley better than Carol, so I'd choose the Partridges.

Stacy said...

Donny Osmond was the brother that made my heart beat faster. After him it was probably Alan or Jay.