I am...

Reading:  The Teacher by Freida McFadden-this is the first of her books I've read

Listening toThe Electricity of Every Living Thing by Katherine May

Loving:  my new kitchen table--it fits the space perfectly

Thinking:  my head is spinning with a thousand things to remember and do, especially as the chair of the library board of trustees

Feeling:  still feeling a bit stuffy and sniffly from last week's rotten cold

Celebrating:  Saturday my eldest sister hung photos on my walls and the place feels more homey

Grateful for:   so glad I had solid lesson plans in place because I was scrambling all day to try to get back into school mode

Enjoying:  a glass of diet Polar Orange Dry soda--the first I've had in months!

Weather:  it is 36° with light rain

A quote I want to share

Cook in a Victorian household

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