ten things tuesday

I bid farewell to my beloved apartment of 29 years after being unceremoniously and abruptly evicted.  Here are 10 things I need to do in the next three weeks:

1) Whittle down my clothing into a manageable amount for a wardrobe.  I did my sweaters and dresses a couple of years ago, and I need to do all my shirts/tops/pants now.

2) Decide which kitchen small appliances I need--do I need a toaster and a toaster oven?

3)  Switch my electricity and cable to my new place.

4)  Fill out a change of address with the post office.

5)  Decide which furniture I will take and what will be donated.

6)  Pack.

7)  Pack.

8)  Figure out how to move my furniture.  I have two options:  a colleague has offered his pickup with an enclosed trailer which is fantastic but I still need muscle power or I can hire movers.

9)  Pack.

10)  Unpack.


CountryDew said...

I am glad you have found somewhere else to go. This is awful, though, that you have to move after having been there so long. I also hope you are feeling better from Covid. It'll get better. Maybe you're getting all of the yuck out of the way early and the rest of the year will be great.

The Gal Herself said...

Use movers. You deserve a break. Give it to yourself. You may need to use your colleague's pick up truck to move all the furniture you're donating.

I think it's cool that you're starting the new year in a new apartment.

Why not take both the toaster and the toaster oven? Nothing would be more annoying than to get to your new place and realize you still need the one you donated.

Me, Myself, and I said...

Thinking of you. New digs can be fun and life-changing in little unexpected ways. Get the movers...we rented a truck from UHaul and it came with a list of local moving guys. Best money ever spent. 2 guys had our house packed moved across town and unpacked in less than 4 hours. Big hugs!