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Reading:  Red Bones by Ann Cleeves

Listening toDid You Hear About Kitty Karr? by Crystal Smith Paul

Loving:  my last day of break is a relaxing day, once I got over my snit about not having hot water (hopefully my landlord will straighten out whatever the issue is, it's been two days without hot water and cold showers are v.e.r.y. cold)

Thinking: I'm still picking out my theme word for the year.  In the past few weeks/months, I have bumped up against the word "Grace" but I am resistant to it, and I can't put my finger on why.  Maybe that's my word... then I came across this acronym: and I have found my word!
GRACE is also an acronym representing five attributes:
  • G is for generosity, the will to do something more for others.
  • R is respect, the dignity of life and work.
  • A is action, the mechanism for change.
  • C is compassion, the concern for others.
  • E is energy, the spirit that catalyzes us.

Feeling:  I'm relaxed but annoyed if that's possible... 

Celebrating:  I've set my reading goal at 100 books and I'm going to challenge myself to try the 52 Book Club Challenge

Grateful for:  the strong relationships with family and friends

Enjoying:  my little gnome tree

Weather:  it is 20° and cloudy

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Susan said...

Sorry to hear you don't have hot water. GRACE sounds like a good word. I am thinking of a Word for the year, but nothing has come to mind yet. I like the graphic at the end. Happy New Year!