ten things tuesday

Ten favorite comic strips:

1) Peanuts:  Snoopy and Charlie Brown have the most loving relationship.  Snoopy's shenanigans have always entertained me.

2)  Garfield:  I am Garfield--I hate Mondays, I love lasagna and naps

3)  Bloom County:  all through the 80s I was such a fan!  I had a stuffed Opus, even.

4)  The Far Side:  another of my all-time favorites.  I have so many clipped and saved.  There's even one on my refrigerator!

5)  Calvin & Hobbes: oh, but this is so imaginative!

6)  Archie:  I loved Archie comics and comic books.

7)  Doonesbury:  the political commentary always kept me interested in current events.

8)  Dilbert:  the mundane office atmosphere cracks me up.

9)  Zits:  as a teacher, I can relate to a lot of the high school angst.

10)  B.C.:  this caveman comic was a middle-school favorite.

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The Gal Herself said...

I don't read comics anymore and that's too bad. I used to read Apartment 3G on the train every morning. Three single girls sharing an apartment in Manhattan and they had the loveliest father figure/neighbor, Professor Papagorus. Funny how his is the only name I remember.