ten things tuesday

 Ten classes it would be fun to take:

1) Cooking class.  I've always wanted to take one.

2)  Watercolor class.  I would love to play around.

3)  Photography class--especially on my phone.

4)  Computer class for spreadsheets.  I've listed it before as a goal and I need to learn how to make and use spreadsheets.

5)  Sign Language.  I took it about 30 years ago and my instructor said I was a natural.  But, use it or lose it.  I remember nothing much beyond the alphabet.

6)  Knitting class.  There is always more to learn.  Always.  I would love to learn Continental-style knitting.

7)  Voice lessons.  It was a New Year's Resolution in 2020, but the pandemic put the kibosh to that in March.  And since then, my instructor has moved.

8)  Graphic design.  Just the basics.

9)  Chair yoga or Tai Chi class.  

10) Storytelling class.  I love listening to good storytellers and wish I was one.

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