three on thursday


Thing one:  This has been a very long week--the first snowfall, Halloween, the full moon, lingering emotions from the mass shooting in Lewiston, stranger danger on campus prompting the closing of the campus with a soft lockdown not once, but twice this week. It's a lot.  I am looking forward to better days.  Although they probably won't be next week as I will have morning duty in the cafeteria.

Thing two:  

Thing three:  

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The Gal Herself said...

FWIW -- and it may not be much, I don't know -- I take comfort in stats. More of us won't be shot than will. I refuse to be *satisfied* with that, but it does help me leave my home with greater confidence. And I think of our August Happiness Challenge and try to isolate and recognize the good things (like my Connie Cat is purring right now). These little flashes may not seem consequential, but they matter to me.

Take care, Ms. Kwiz.